Zombie Table Cover


Product Description

All Halloween parties are in dire need of a paper crockery comeback! With all the cleaning to be done after a party, it only makes sense to buy a few disposable things. When it comes to Halloween, plain cups and plates just won’t do! Have a look at our selection and get your party rolling with the fear of doing the dishes.

These products are ZOMBIE themed, featuring frightening silhouettes of the walking dead, accompanied by many symbols of fear and Halloween, including; Bats, and owl, a spooky tree, lightning and the classic haunted house. All of this on paper plates, cups and napkins, even a table cover.

Personally, I think this table cover is a must have for every Halloween party. Whether you are having a midnight dinner or a spooktacular party, this cover will turn any table into a creepy and fun decoration.

Measuring (4.5 x 9 foot) or (1.37 x 2.74 metres)

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