Traditionally Halloween is a Western Christian festival used to remember the dead who have passed. Halloween activites include decorating your home with spooky Halloween decorations, attending Halloween costume parties, bobbing for apples, trick or treating and carving pumpkins! This is the time of year candy apples are a delicacy, fireworks alight for celebration and horror films are the main attraction on television.

Halloween, also known as All Hallow's Eve is a time of year we like to replace our ordinary selves with something different. It could be something scary like a Vampire, the traditional witch or a bloody nurse; or maybe something sexy like a fire woman, cleopatra or your all time favourite pop star! For men they change into their all time favourite superhero, crazy beetlejuice or a zombie basketball player! Costumes are everywhere, here at Elliott's we have a huge range of costumes including scary Halloween costumes that come in all sizes from toddler, children's, standard adults to XL! If you don't want to choose a costume...MAKE ONE! We have a huge range of accessories for nurses, doctors, serial killers or even superheros! All you need is a sewing kit, glue and a lot of imagination so you can stand out at the party!A costume is never complete without make-up and contact lenses! Elliotts Fancy Dress have a huge range of professional Kryolan make up and mesmereyez contact lenses for you to check out online and instore!Get into the spirit the Halloween and pop down to Elliott's for some inspiration!