What better way to put some good old fashioned, inexpensive fun than by having your friends round for a fancy dress party with a range of Elliott's make-up and body paints! Always good for a laugh and an opportunity to try out a new look. Even the most reserved person can find something or someone to be and after 5 minutes will forget to feel self-conscious.

Of course there is no point just getting the outfit – you have to have the costume make up as well. Stunning eyelashes, gross teeth and fake scars are just the start. With all the different colour face paints available you are sure to find something for the perfect clown face and even just the right shade of blue for a Smurf. Some of the paints are powder based while others are creams. There is flesh coloured putty which can give a whole new shape to your nose and eyebrow putty which can give you eyebrows that would make a beautician cry. There is just no reason why you shouldn't look your absolute best – or worst, depending on your outfit.

Professional make-up is essential for those ever important on stage performances and here at Elliott's Belfast we have everything you need! Those lights are awfully bright and can result in a pale complexion, we have what you need to keep your actors looking perfect! Need to alter some features? Have a look at our range of latex, putty and gelafix skin! We are sure to have what you're looking for!

Go on, let your hair down, paint your face, hands, feet or body parts, put on your rags and just enjoy yourself.

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Elliotts Fancy Dress