Here at Elliot's you can find a vast array of wigs. Whether it's blonde, brunette or a bald look; you're bound to find something here!

People have worn wigs since the times of the ancient Egyptians. The reasons for wearing wigs are many and various, Egyptians wore them to protect their shaved heads from the sun, in the Far East they were worn only for traditional theatre. In Europe costume wigs became popular in the 1600's and were introduced into England by Charles II. Wigs were used as a sign of a person's status in society, today they tend to be worn as a symbol of office, by barristers and judges for example, or by people who have lost their own hair either naturally or through a medical condition - and of course for fun! Actors find that wearing costume wigs help them to get into character when they are performing and the same applies to people who decide to have fancy dress parties, of course one of the largest and most prestigious fancy dress events would be the annual Masquerade Ball in Venice. Fancy dress parties are becoming more and more popular and the themes for those parties can vary from the Wild West, to Space themes and even some more raunchy themes for adult only parties. Fifty's, sixty's and seventy's parties are all the rage and to get the full effect of carefully chosen outfits, guests will need fancy dress wigs in the fashionable styles of the time to help them feel the part. Party wigs to suit all types of party can be found at Elliott's in-store and online. The only task then is to dress up put on a party wigs up and let your hair down!