Book Day

Many different outfits exist for the purpose of book week and we stock a wide variety of these Book Day items in our store and online. If you are having trouble with your book week costume ideas, our selection may help you find just what you are looking for. Aside from costumes there are accessories and items to aid you in creating your own style of your favourite book character.


Many of our complete costumes include characters such as Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates, Witches and Vampires. Many children’s books have animal characters and we have many animal costumes to choose from such as a White Rabbit, Lion, Fox, Monkey, Bear and Dragon! 

We stock various Book week costumes and accessories for children and adults in many different themes and sizes, as well as a dynamic variety of accessories to create your own book day look! This means both teachers and students can get involved in the many exciting and educational characters from books! 

Book week as an event has grown year after year and is so popular with schools that there is now Book Month, Book Week and Book Day! There is a set date for Book week and Book Month each year but many schools hold their Book Day event on a day to suit them, very often between March and mid-May. It is a great way to get children interested in reading, adding an extra level of excitement by dressing up in a great costume. The idea of course is that the fun experienced during World Book week will encourage a lifetime of reading. Allowing the young person to develop an inquiring mind, to question through critical analysis, the validity of the text in front of them, and above all, enjoy reading!

As well as our comprehensive outfits that include both the clothing and accessories, we have several items such as glasses, necklaces, weapons, masks and capes, as well as face make up that will enable you to show some diversity and flair with your Book Day costume.