Viking Barbarian Queen


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Product Description

This Viking Barbarian Queen is one mighty missy that you do not want to mess with! She has fashioned the furs of the unfortunate animals that got in her way into a garment, which she wears casually, a warning to all that she should not be underestimated by any Viking man!

The costume is a knee length, long sleeved, layered dress, made up mostly of distressed brown material. The top part of the dress is made to resemble a corset with “fur” neckline trim, cuffs and printed chainmail sleeves. The dress is belted at the waist and the skirt has a long layer of light brown material topped with more of the distressed brown material from the top of the dress and with some added “fur” below the belt to give that natural/ wild textile that is so often associated with the vikings. Costume also includes a material Viking helmet which has silver and “fur” details to match the dress.


  • Dress
  • Helmet
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