Ladies Halloween Costumes

Don’t let Halloween stress you out, enjoy the buzz and let us take care of all your Halloween dress up needs here at Elliott’s. We know you ladies like to go all out, you want you and your girls to turn heads at that party, “Wow, don’t they look amazing?!”. You want that perfect #squadgoals Instagram post, we can guarantee if you get your costumes with us, all of these wishes will come true!
Fancy going sexy, scary or traditional? We have the costumes you need to do just that! You could be a sexy clown, spice it up with some fishnets and clown make-up, or transform it into your worst nightmare with bloody clown weapons! Maybe you fancy the traditional clown costume? Add a clown afro wig, clown nose and clown shoes to create that authentic circus clown look! The same can be done with a range of our witch costumes, choose the style you like and add accessories to create your own unique sexy, scary or traditional witch look with some added make-up, lenses and accessories! Don’t be afraid to let your hair down girls, or tie up and put on a wig! Be whoever and whatever you want and have fun!