Pinata – Superhero Justice League – Break-Open – 48cm


Product Description

If you’re looking for a fun activity for your party look no further than a pinata! Kids will love taking it in turns to swing at it and break it open, causing the treats to fall at their feet. Pinatas also makes a great decoration, just pop it on the table before use and when it’s time make a ceremony out of hanging it up.

This Justice League pinata is made of cardboard and is covered in blue, yellow, red and green fringed tissue paper, making this suitable for all your superhero parties or events. This round pinata has two large images on both of its sides with the Justice League gang ready to spring into action to save the day; with Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and the Flash. Attached to the top of the pinata there is a hanging loop which allows you to thread a length of string to rope to hang it in place for wherever you choose! When the pinata is hanging up in the place that you have chosen you will see at the bottom of the pinata there is blue, red, yellow, and green ribbons draping down from it.

To make you Justice League pinata take shape, simply just pull on the multiple red and white expanding ribbons around the pinata to help it take its shape. Then have a look around the edge to find a black and white sticker to cut a hole and to fill the pinata with your favour sweets and confetti.

Approx. 48cm in diameter (excluding hanging loop), width 8cm.


You will need string or rope to hang the pinata from its loop, a sharp knife to cut the hole, and something to fill it with – confetti, small toys or sweets, or a mixture. You will also need a blindfold and a pinata stick.
Hang from a door frame, from a strong hook in the ceiling, or out on a tree branch if it’s a sunny day. But remember to fill it first! Make sure you allow enough space around the pinata for excited stick swinging (picture a bunch of hyped-up 6 year olds high on sugar) and if you’re using the pinata indoors move any breakables out of the way – this includes your flat screen TV!

To play the pinata game:

1.    Line up the children from smallest to tallest, with the smallest at the front (or let the birthday child go first).  Make sure everyone is standing at a safe distance.
2.    Bring forward the first child and blindfold them (this step is unnecessary if the child is very young or would not enjoy it).
3.    Gently spin them around 3 times, then put the stick in their hands.
4.    Let them have at it! The other children can shout out with helpful directions, or with misdirection if they’re feeling sneaky!
5.    When their turn is over let them remove the blindfold and scoop up any treasure!
6.    Then on to the next child.
7.    Allow each child to have a few attempts hitting the pinata (this may be different for each child depending on how successful they are!)
8.    Have extra sweets or party favours on hand to make sure everyone gets something.

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