First Goal Football Scratch Cards - Fundraising Tickets 00-90 ------ 1 PACK


Product Description

First Goal Scratch Cards are open stake and the perfect fundraising choice for your charity, Sports Club, Football team or Bar as they can be used alongside any club or professional football match.

The Scratchcards are open stake so you determine how much you sell each ticket for, and you also define the prize or prize money… Please see estimated Profit below.

1 pack of 91 OPEN STAKE First Goal Football Scratch Cards each pack has a unique set number take note of the unique set number and display it beside the TV screen before sell them. (You also have the option to mark the front of the cards with the appropriate match and date).

The question is who will have the Magic Minute?... Under the scratchable latex panel are the numbers 00-90 to cover each minute of the football match. The ticket with the time of the Golden Goal or first score in the agreed football match wins… Ticket 00 wins if the match is scoreless after 90 minutes.

They can be sold individually or sold 3 for 2 it up to you, it depends on how big your crowd is. Many of our customers use these cards alongside local team matches or Premier League Football but could be used alongside the Champions League, The Euros, The FA Cup and not forgetting… The World Cup!

Discount also available for 10 sets of Football Scratch Cards, please search our site.

Example Returns …

Shuffle pack beforehand.

E.G. Sell each card for £2.00 Total sale £182.00… the price per card is up to you!

Payout to winner £40.00… up to you!

Cost for a set of First Score Scratch cards £5.99

Profit £136.01… up to you! And yours!!

We also have Football team cards in 30 and 40 team.

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