Edwardian Gent Costume


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Product Description

The Edwardian era is remembered as a golden age by those who look back from the devastating perspective of the World War I; in that period gentlemen used to enjoy the pleasures of society, indulge in fashion and be passionate about both art and new technologies such as electricity and the automobile.

Wearing this amazing Edwardian Gent costume is your unique occasion to taste this wonderful and gone lifestyle. The costume consists of a deep crimson velvety jacket with black lapels; a golden ochre waistcoat with red pattern embroidered on it and a silk-looking cravat, which is red with black square decoration. A white mock shirt is also attached to the waistcoat.

Complete your Edwardian Gent look with a monocle, a pipe and a pocket watch, and have a look at our elegant canes to finish your look!
This costume is also suitable for the Book Week, as it can easily turn into a Fantastic Mr Fox costume, just adding our fox face mask and a ginger tail.

Costume includes:
•    Jacket with attached waistcoat, mock shirt and cravat

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