The Nativity

One night, The Virgin Mary was visited by an angel named Gabriel, and was told she will be having a baby, destined to be the son of God and his name would be Jesus.

Everyone gathered to Bethlehem after they heard about the son of God’s birth. Three wisemen followed a bright star in the sky as they travelled far and wide to welcome Jesus into the world, with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. A donkey carried Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem where there was no space at the inn except for a stable and a manger where the baby would shortly be born. The only thing in their way was King Herod who was horrified by the news, but he didn’t stand a chance against the son of God.

The angels, wisemen, shepherds, and animals all gathered in the stable to welcome the new life of Jesus! Since then, on the 25th of December, every year, we celebrate Christmas.

If you’re preparing for a festive nativity play, a fancy-dress Christmas party or anything in-between, our nativity costume options are endless! Whether you decide to be Mary, Joseph, a wise man, shepherd, the star, an angel, or an animal we can provide it all.

Nativity Scene-Nativity Costume Ideas

Mary and Joseph Costumes

Mary is a major character within the nativity meaning it’s important to recreate her in a way that represents who she is well! As the mother of the saviour she has a head cover and a long blue and white dress, white is used to reflect purity and blue is symbolic of heaven.

Joseph's costume goes hand in hand with the shepherds, it is kept simple to allow the attention to be focused on the birth of Jesus. Try going for a one-piece costume in colours such as; brown, blue, red, or green as this is what Joseph is seen to be wearing in movies, shows and stories. Polishing the look off with a beard and shepherds crook will help it come together.

Mary and Joseph Costumes

Angel Costumes, Wings and Halos

The archangel, Gabriel, was the one to share the news with Mary that she would bear the son of God. Meaning it’s only right to find a majestic set of wings and costume to fit his extraordinary persona!

With Angel Wings ranging from small to large you can differentiate each type of angel any way you like!

When dressing as an angel its key to wear silvers, whites, and golds to give off a bright and pure look. It’s essential to pair any angel costume with a white or silver halo, wings and maybe even a harp to emphasise their saintly ways.

Angel Costumes, Wings and Halos

Animals in the Nativity

As the nativity scene is in a stable of course the animals are included in the story, from sheep and cows to camels, they had it all. It is said the animals helped to keep the baby warm throughout the night.

The donkey that carried Mary to Bethlehem, the camels that brought the three wise men, the shepherds with their sheep and cows all stood round the manger in awe at the baby.

There’s no better way to get the audience smiling and laughing than with some iconic animal costumes. Whether it’s a comedic camel step-in costume or a fluffy animal onesie it is certain to get a cheer at the end of the show.

Animals in the Nativity

Wisemen, Kings, Soldiers & Stars

No show is complete without a villain and his accomplices. At the time of the nativity, King Herod and his soldiers were furious at the news that the son of God would be born, and so, he secretly called for the Wisemen to track down Mary and Joseph’s new born son. However, the wisemen followed the brightest star in the sky and greeted the son of God with their gifts.

The three wise men one in a red robe, one green and the other blue gifted Jesus with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. For the additional giggle from the crowd three bushy beards in different colours for each wise man could complete the look.

Being a bright star calls for gold or silver glitter, face paints and of course, a star costume in either gold or silver!

To make for the perfect Roman soldier in a nativity the key is to come prepared with a sword and armour and a very angry look on your face.

King Herod and Soldiers


innkeepers, and shepherds.