A 1950s fancy dress theme allows a wide range of costume choice, from teddy boys and poodle skirts to famous people of the day, the possibilities are great and if you don't really like dressing up a simple wig will usually do.

Some 50s costume ideas include rock and roll – huge puffy skirts and ribbon tied ponytails for the girls, teddy boy suits for the men, easy and comfortable to wear for the night. Grease inspired costumes are great – pink lady jackets and slim skirts or Capri pants, white T shirts, jeans and a T Bird leather jacket should suit even the most reluctant dresser up.

Famous people of the time can offer inspiration for your 50s costume. Marilyn Monroe's iconic white dress looks great on most people and topped off with a wig, red lipstick and of course the beauty spot is a simple yet stunning costume. Elvis is also a popular choice for fancy dress, again easily put together with a wig, sunglasses and the sequined jumpsuit of your choice. Start practicing the hips now! Buddy Holly is even more straightforward – throw a checked jacket over some black trousers, coax your hair into an appropriate style, add the glasses and you're good to go. Take along a guitar for a little something extra.

A great 50s themed fancy dress costume can be created with only a little effort and you can add extra impact by learning a few dance moves or an impression or two which will really make you stand out from the crowd.

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