Hen & Stag Party

If you’ve been given the task of organising a Hen or Stag do and simply don’t know where to begin, you may find it useful to consider doing fancy dress. Once you have settled on a fancy dress theme you will find other aspects of your planning simply fall into place. For example, if you think the Hen would get a kick out of dressing up as a sexy cowgirl, why not go with the Wild West theme and book a weekend in Galway or Kerry? Or if you want to cause the Stag maximum embarrassment, pick a shocking outfit and a busy location – imagine him in a blonde wig and fishnet tights in a bustling Dublin bar, and, well, you get the picture.


It’s important to remember there may be a very mixed crowd, and not everyone will be comfortable getting their legs out. A theme such as nuns or doctors and nurses allows the individual to go as fully-covered or short and sexy as they like. Uniforms are also a popular choice for hen parties, and can be more flattering for the older party revellers. It will be easier to get the bride’s Aunty Mary into an air hostess outfit than a burlesque costume! If you’re planning to take the Stag party paintballing, consider how the fancy dress theme can accommodate any protective clothing that may be required. We have several loose fitting outfits that could easily be worn over clothes, such as our escaped convict costumes – though why a stag would want to dress as a prisoner making a bid for freedom, complete with ball and chain, is beyond us. Another favourite choice is the onesie – our baby romper suit comes with a bonnet, and in a choice of blue or pink. Layering a costume over your own clothes is also an excellent idea when pub-crawling in the winter months (or let’s face it, any time of the year in Ireland). Finally, adopting a fancy dress theme for your hen or stag party will guarantee a memorable night out, as well as some fantastic photos - picture 16 sailors or cavegirls walking around Temple Bar, and think of the craic!