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Fancy Dress has become increasingly popular over the recent years with a variety of different themes including fairytale, superhero, TV and movie characters as well as medieval costumes to name but a few. Fancy dress costumes come in all shapes and sizes with some people opting for a full head to toe outfit whilst others stick to something small such as a fake nose.

To compliment these outfits a number of accessories are essential such as wigs, make up, ears and noses.

Different types of ears and noses can be a fundamental part of a fancy dress costume. Certain outfits are not complete or recognisable until a fake nose or dress up ears are added to the outfit.

Throughout the year people dress up as cats and as a result fancy dress cat ears are a must have in the fancy dress wardrobe. Coming in an array of styles, colours and fabrics, fancy dress ears come in a style fit for everyone. Cats are not the only costume that needs ears to complete the outfit. Bunny ears are also a huge hit for fancy dress costumes channelling the Playboy bunny.

It's not only ears that are popular in fancy dress buy also fake noses. Noses can add an instant effect to any costume. Easily attachable with either adhesive or string they are perfect for almost any fancy dress costume. Similarly they come in a range of material depending on the theme of the nose; such as clown noses which tend to be made from squishy plastic.

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