Hats & Headwear

When looking for a costume for fancy dress, each item of the costume is essential for making you look the part. One of the first things people will notice is your choice of fancy dress hats, whether it be a pirates hat or builders hardhat, it is a focal point for your outfit. It holds together the rest of the costume and ensures that your outfit not only looks authentic, but allows people to instantly recognise your character. Costume hats have always been incredibly popular, even those who are not planning to wear an entire costume will generally at least turn up with a hat, even if it is just a fancy dress top hat.

Whatever character you decide to impersonate at the next fancy dress party, there are an abundance of hats and head-wear for you to sift through until you find the right one for your costume. Remember there is not only one option for every outfit, for example an army soldier costume could be topped off with a soldier's helmet or commando beret, but could work just as well with a camouflage bandana. A pirate costume could have a captain's tricorn hat as the cherry on the cake, or alternatively a pirate skullcap or headscarf. There are so many different types of costume hats available today that you can sort through and choose the one you think sets off your outfit exactly. From a policeman's helmet to a Bishops mitre, there are hats to suit all variations of costumes, for a number of different fancy dress occasions.