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Looking great is a matter of details: a fan is the perfect accessory to compliment a wide range of costumes. Feather fans are a great finishing touch for a Wild West Showgirl costume, the perfect prop to a beautiful burlesque lady or to cool down the heats of a Hen Party night!

Our lace fans are just great for any girl who wants to dress as Scarlet O’Hara from ‘Gone with the Wind’ or any Victorian-style costume.

Have you ever considered how a flower-patterned paper fan could add a touch of oriental atmosphere to the simplest of the outfits –let alone our gorgeous Geisha and Chinese girl costumes! You’ll find they are just irresistible; you won’t be able to do without them!

A parasol can really add the finishing touches to an elegant Victorian costume! During the Victorian era, parasols were pretty common because, besides being an important element of fashion, they protected ladies’ skin from the sun at a time in which –hard to believe – tan had a really bad reputation. So, if you’re dressing up as Mary Poppins or any other lady from the 18th century, don’t forget your parasol!

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