Childrens Fancy Dress

Children love fancy dress! Whether it's a school play, a school fun day, a birthday party, Halloween, Book Week or maybe just some costumes for their dress up box! Whatever the reason or occasion, we have just the costumes you need to keep your little ones happy and help bring their imaginative characters to life!


Halloween and Book Week are our busiest for children's fancy dress, but what else can we expect when we have such a fantastic range of fancy dress for these occasions and more? Kids particularly are a fan of our range of superhero and villain costumes! These include Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Flash, Iron Man, The Joker and more!

So whether it’s a superhero party or a fun school day, we have the costume for you! There are a lot of little Ninjas running around without the correct outfit. So make sure to come to Elliott's to get kitted out in the correct gear to carry out your mischievous fun!

Here at Elliott's we know the little one love to dress as Ninjas, so we have a fantastic range to choose from! Boys and girls can choose from a range of ninja costume in a range of colours including red, white, black and pink! We even have special Ninja costume including the elite shadow ninja and cobra ninja! Don't forget to accessorise your little ninjas with some Ninja weapons! We have a range to choose from including a Ninja sword, nun chucks and Ninja knives!

We have fancy dress for all periods of time! Take a step back in time in our Victorian English Nanny costumes and Victorian Gentlemen of Chimney sweep! Maybe the little ones are studying Egyptian times in school? We have beautifully detailed Cleopatra and Pharaoh Costumes with fantastic belts, headpieces and wigs!

Maybe you need to get groovy for a 60s or 70s themed party? Transform, your little ones into peace lovin’ hippies with our groovy hippy costumes and accessories for boys and girls!

Dr Seuss and David Walliams are some of the children’s favourite authors and for Book Day, Book Week and Roald Dahl day we have a range of licensed costumes to bring these illustrations to life! The Cat in the Hat costume for kids, Matilda, The BFG, Ratburger, Mr Stink and Gangsta Granny are very popular with costumes for both boys and girls!

We also have costumes for Easter, St. Patrick’s day, The Nativity and Novelty Christmas costumes and almost anything else you can think of! So have a little browse and become inspired by our magnificent range