Zombie Dorothy Costume

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Product Description

What happens after the... “and they lived happily ever after?”

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, now it’s time to know the truth!

Even the sweetest of Dorothy's can catch the zombie virus and turn into an beautful yet horrifying zombie! You can reproduce her dreadful look with this wonderful costume: what was once a nice checked dress with puffed sleeves, bows, red underskirt and a lace-rim white apron. The costume has an exposed latex breastplate showing ribs and the surrounding bloody muscles: the whole dress is covered with blood splats typifying the zombie look of the movies.

Add a pair of bloody stockings, blind contact lenses, Kryolan makeup & blood, some scars and the proper wig and you’ll be an astonishing sweet zombie!

Contents List:

  • Bloody ripped dress with Apron
Elliotts Fancy Dress