Viking Boy (Green) Costume


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Product Description

Vikings arrived in England in 793. They are known for having no conscience, they ruined towns, stole from homes and killed anyone in sight. They even used human skulls as a cup to toast from! This costume is also perfect for a Hiccup (from how to train your Dragon) costume.

The costume contains a black and green shirt with gold and silver detailing on the sleeves  and faux fur attached around the neck down to the chest and on the waist line down to the legs. The trousers are black with brown crossed strings detailing; the belt is brown with gold round buckle and silver detailing. Also included are a silver sheath on a silver and gold cord and a brown velvet hat with silver horns, hem and false buttons and gold trim.

Why not add one of our Viking Helmets and a Viking Weapon set or an axe to complete your Viking Boy look!

Costume includes:

  • Shirt
  • Belt
  • Trousers
  • Hat
  • Sheath
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