Kryolan Tuplast Special Effect Skinplastic (Acetone is essential)


Product Description

Kryolan Tuplast is for the creation of hard-wearing, realistic scars and other skin abnormalities. Wax, Gelafix Skin and Puttys will rub off a lot easier than Tuplast. It all comes down staying power and if you need a scar to stay in place during a performance, perspiration and rubbing/bumping then this is the product for you.

Acetone solvent is essential for the manipulation of Tuplast and there is no point having one without the other. 

  1. Use Witch Hazel cleanser on a cloth to degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on  (it’s an astringent and will remove any dirt or oil) then wipe dry with a tissue.
  2. Apply Tuplast directly from the tube, it’s sticky and fast drying and the solvent allows the surface to be malleable so moisten a Spatula with a little acetone, shape the Tuplast and blend out the edges to create realistic and very hard-wearing scars.  Tuplast is ideal for creating small, deep cuts and knife wounds.
  3. Apply sealer to your prosthetic and surrounding skin. Once dry, the sealer leaves a see-through membrane, providing a non-absorbent and even textured layer on which to apply make-up.
  4. Shade with some flesh tones (Artex can be painted with Kryolan Supracolor, Alcohol colours and  Aqua colours). Apply translucent powder and finally add Kryolan Fresh Scratch Dark Gel Blood.

Tuplast contains a high acetone content so be careful around the eye area.
Only use Cosmetic grade Acetone Solvent on your skin.

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