Wonder Woman (Girls) Costume


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Product Description

Be a super cool superhero for a day in the fabulous Wonder Woman Costume! Wonder Woman fights for justice, peace, love and equality!

Her outfit possesses some unique weapons such as the Lasso of truth which when people were caught in it, they could not lie; indestructible bracelets that when slammed together create a huge wave that can make other beings ears bleed, she can retract swords from her bracelets and channel Zeus' lightening. Wonder Woman's Tiara protects her from any telepathic manipulation and allows her to communicate with people in the Amazon. The tiara is also a razor sharp weapon that when thrown comes back to her (like a boomerang).

This costume is a dress, on top it is red with no sleeves and the Wonder Woman emblem on her chest, the belt is gold and the skirt is metallic blue with white stars. Attached to the dress is a red cape. The costume also includes the tiara with the ruby red star in the centre, silver bracelets and striped white and black boot tops.

This costume includes:

  • Dress with attached cape
  • Boot tops
  • Tiara
  • Bracelets
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