Bloody Red Mini Sclera Contact Lenses (17mm) - 30 Day Wear


Product Description

Bloody Red Mini Sclera 1 Month Wear Contact Lenses

Please note: These 'Mini Sclera' contact lenses are bigger than the average contact lense. These contacts are 17mm in diameter instead of 14mm in diameter.

MesmerEyez is the Number 1 brand in cosmetic eye colour change. These lenses from their XtremeEyez range offer special effects without affecting the vision, for a truly eye-catching finishing touch to your fancy dress outfit.

Contents List: 1 pair of contacts (suitable for 1 month usage only) and instructions for use

Please read enclosed instructions carefully.

**Before you buy please note**

You MUST not wear lens if you suffer from;

Corneal Dystrophies

Corneal Ulcers

Inflammation of the Cornea- (keratitis)

Inflammation of the eye - (iritis, uveitis)

Allergic eye conditions

Any pre-existing eye condition

By purchasing these you are adhering to the following;


These Lenses are for cosmetic colour change purposes only and not for any medical purpose.


I have read the enclosed instructions on inserting and removing the Contact Lens carefully.

I will immediately remove my Eye Accessories if I experience any undue irritation, discomfort, vision change, excess watering or redness.

I will consult with an eye care practitioner if I have any doubts on using my Eye Accessories.

I am over the age of 16.

I understand that Contact Lens should be worn by those with normal healthy eyes.

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