Snazaroo Boys 6 Face Paint Stencils


Product Description

Stencils are great for those who maybe are not confident painting, or just prefer the easy option of using great design stencils. These stencils are quick and easy to use and you don't need to be great at face painting for a fabulous result!

These stencils are adhesive and reusable! These stencils are easy to keep well as long as you wash the paint off after every use and store flat.

These would be great for birthday parties, youth clubs or just for having fun! They can be applied to the face or the body and with a variety of different images with different themes they will always come in handy!

The 6 stencils are:

  • Indian motif
  • Spaceship and stars
  • Knight themed image
  • Skull and cross bones
  • Tiger
  • Race Car
Elliotts Fancy Dress