Crystal Ball with Light up FX & Spooky Sound 21cm x 17cm

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Product Description

Are you a fortune teller requiring a crystal ball? Or simply a naïve mortal celebrating All Hallows Eve? Either way here are some things you need to know should you be (un)fortunate enough to acquire this mysterious crystal ball!

It is noise activated, so if you’re not careful you will trigger the (dark) magic within, lighting the multicoloured, wispy flames of destiny within as they try to decipher your fate! However, the accompanying creepy noises make you wonder what evil lurks beneath while the eerie voice that almost sarcastically wishes you a “HAPPY HALLOWEEN” doesn’t give you much hope that the future is bright!

If you’re weary of freaking out your Halloween guests with a talking ball, do not fear. The ball has 3 modes (on, demo and lights) which can be adjusted using the switch on the base of the ball.

  • In LIGHTS mode noise will simply activate the enticing, dancing light effects.
  • The owner can exercise some power over the ball with a mind of its own in DEMO mode as it ceases to be sound activated and instead will only come to life when the attached button is pressed.
  • ON mode is the only mode that allows the ball to voice its thoughts when it detects a sound and will also activate alternating sequences of creepy sounds to create an uneasy atmosphere ideal for Halloween!

Height = 21cm

Diameter = 17cm




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