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You can't buy fireworks without a license
(Sales restricted to Northern Ireland Only)
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What better way to celebrate than with fireworks? Every large occasion has a fireworks display. There’s Halloween, New Year’s, July 4th and the list goes on!

Fireworks in Northern Ireland cannot be purchased online but everything you see on Elliot’s website is available in store. Please note that you cannot buy fireworks without a license. Please download an application form along with guidance notes and where it asks you to enter the Firework Retailer Please enter ELLIOTTS LTD and our Retailer Registration Number is 91 Click Here to download the form.. We also sell sparklers and indoor fireworks - these items do not require a licence.

Please note fireworks cannot be sold to those who live in Southern Ireland. Have a look at Elliot’s firework cakes, firework candles, firework wheels, firework rockets all with a good range of sizes ranging from small to huge allowing you to create a firework package to suit your needs. Maybe it's just something simple to entertain the kids or you want to put on a show at the golf club. We can ensure your night, be it Guy Fawkes, a special occasion or a birthday party goes with a some big bangs!

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