!Party Fireworks Selection Box - 48 Pieces - NO LICENSE REQUIRED


In-store Purchase Only

Product Description

First Firework of it's type in Northern Ireland - NO LICENSE REQUIRED!

You can use these fireworks legally & without License in Northern Ireland.

Contains 14 different fireworks - 48 pieces in total.


  • 6 x Crackling Fountains with strobe effects
  • 8x Balls of Fire: crackling sparks with end burst
  • 5x Olympic Flames: Mini Fountains - different colours
  • 6x Flash Harry: Flashing Balls with strobe
  • 12x Spinning UFOS: like cathern wheels for the ground
  • 3x Moon Dust: Mid sized, coloured, sparkling fountains
  • 8x Fat Fountains: Assorted Effects
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