Kryolan Liquid Latex Professional Quality (Clear)(250ml)


Product Description

KRYOLAN: Professional quality liquid latex has a low ammonia content and a low viscosity (flows easily). Liquid latex is a fantastic FX product for creating scars and wounds, it can be used with toilet paper or cotton balls to give it structure in order to create trauma wounds and Latex Prosthetics. Use warm air from a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

Apply a thin layer of sealer to your prosthetic and surrounding skin. Once dry, the sealer leaves a see-through membrane, providing a non- absorbent and even textured layer on which to apply make-up.

Latex can also be used to attach appearance changes like noses and chin parts. Some people use it to wrinkle the skin to give the illusion of age but it doesn’t work as well as the product made for the job, Old AgeStipple.

It’s easy to remove as it peels off.
If using close to the hairline; cover your eyebrows and hairline with Vaseline/petroleum jelly, you don’t want latex to stick to your hair as it’s hard to remove and untangle from hair.

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