Kryolan Stipple Wax


Product Description

Kryolan Stipple Wax is used for the simulation of a un-shaven look, or for adhering loose glitter.

  1. Leave several hours between shaving and the application of make-up and you should apply a skincare cream directly after shaving.
  2. Using a cloth, degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on with Witch Hazel cleanser (it’s an astringent and will remove any dirt or oil) and then wipe dry with a tissue. Beforehand, put on any clothes that have to be put on over the head (it’s best to protect your clothing with a towel).
  3. Apply a beard shadow using dark-coloured Eye Shadow, Compact Powder or a thin layer of Kryolan Cake Make-up.
  4. On top of the beard shadow, apply Kryolan Stipple Wax directly from the stick and distribute it evenly over the skin with your finger.
  5. Cut Wool Wrepe of the desired colour into short stripsand use a make-up sponge to apply the finely cut Wool Crepe on top of the stubble paste, in the direction of natural beard growth.
  6. Patch up any holes using a brush to lift the Wool Crepe.

To remove clean with water and soap (you can also use shampoo) and then apply Cleansing Lotion.


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