Kryolan Mastix P Spirit Gum - Strong Adhesive 50ml


Product Description

Spirit Gum P is a synthetic contact adhesive with especially strong adhesion power for attaching beards, wigs and small facial appliances.

Spirit Gum P is used when the extreme perspiration of an actor or model makes it impossible for other spirit gum types to hold sufficiently, or when high humidity causes normal spirit gum to leave white residue.

Spirit Gum P is also effective in strengthening the holding power of other adhesives, it can be mixed with normal spirit gum types.

Clean skin to ensure a strong bond (use Witch Hazel cleanser). Then apply Spirit Gum P to the required areas of skin and the appliance using the brush in the cap. As Spirit Gum P is a contact adhesive it must be applied to both surfaces and allowed some time to become tacky (about 2-3 minutes should do) before the two surfaces are pushed together and then hold them in place. If you try to press on the object to be adhered before the Spirit Gum is ready it won't hold at all but no harm done, just reapply and wait longer. You can test the tackiness of the spirit gum with your finger tip.

For removal use All Pur Remover Cream .


This product contains 50mls of Spirit Gum P.

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