Kryolan Special Effect Old Age Stipple 50ml


Product Description

This would be perfect to top off your Granny or Granda costume!

You will need assistance to apply this product. Wear old clothes because latex will stick and will not come off.

 The way you stretch the face is really important as this will dictate where the wrinkles are created and the direction in which way they go in.

 1: Wipe your face with make-up remover or alcohol to remove grease.
2: Cover your eyebrows and hairline with Vaseline/petroleum jelly (you don’t want latex to stick to your hair as it’s hard to remove and untangle from hair).
3: Using both hands, spread the skin above and below the cheek, your assistant can apply the Old Age Stipple by using a sponge wedge to dab an even layer on to your face. While keeping your skin stretched, your assistant can speed the drying process using a hair dryer on a low setting. Re-apply before letting the skin go. Press the skin together slightly to define the wrinkles a little more. After the larger areas of skin have been processed; apply to lower lip, chin, around the eyes (just shy of the lash line and the eyebrow line), forehead and the side of the eyes where you want to make crow’s feet.
4: Apply translucent powder or baby powder to prevent the product from sticking to itself and then apply make-up to complete the look.
5: To remove: old age stipple can be peeled off skin.


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