Kryolan Eyebrow Design Kit


Product Description

The Kryolan Eyebrow Design kit consists of:

  • 12ml Spirit Gum Hydro Mastix
  • 12ml Sealer
  • 12g FX Wax
  • Detailed instructions on how to cover your eyebrows

Spatula available but not inc.

First, clean your face so it’s free from grease and makeup, comb your eyebrows so the hair is all falling in the natural direction and then brush on the Spirit Gum Hydro Mastix (if your eyebrows are light use one or two dips of the brush if they are bushy use up to seven dips). Take your spatula and, using pressure, flatten your brows in the direction the hair falls, do this until it’s sticky dry (try to keep the skin free from Hydro Mastix as it can make your skin look wrinkled when it dries). Using the spatula, take a small scoop of the wax (half the size of a pea), heat in the fingers a little, then press the wax ball in at the thick end of your brow. Use the spatula to press and smooth the wax, you may need more than one scoop of wax (just prepare it as you need it). Use make-up remover to remove any excess wax on the skin, then use the sealer and cover the wax, trying not to get it on your skin. Let the sealer dry, then apply concealer and foundation or just a full coverage foundation (at this point it is recommended to use Kryolan translucent setting powder). Now you can use eyebrow stencils or hand draw your fake brows.The Kryolan Eyebrow Design Kit lets you exaggerate the size and shape of your eyebrow allowing you to transform your eyebrows to suit your costume.

Detailed instructions in the pack take you through this process with 16 simple steps, including pictures so you know you're doing it right! With this guide and these fantastic professional make-up products it would be hard to go wrong!

Please take caution while working around the eye area.

To remove Brow Cover: use unscented baby wipes or hydro remover oil and warm soapy water. With a cloth, rub over the brows until all trace of sealer and wax are removed. If you overlap the product onto the skin you may need a q-tip and cosmetic grade alcohol to remove residue from the sealer.

Note: it is essential to keep the sealer on the waxed area for easy removal.

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