Kryolan Eye Blood 20ml (Red) - Make up


Product Description

Kryolan Eye Blood is great for achieving a scary look in seconds!

This effect only lasts in the eye for about 15 minutes on average so if you plan a long use you will need to reapply for that fresh look. This product is similar to normal eye drops with a slightly oily thickness, the drops feel odd but not uncomfortable.

Shelf life of 30 days once opened.

Stains skin slightly.

Apply as you would with any eye drop: tilt your head back and add a drop or two of Kryolan Eye blood. Then blink and, with tissue in hand, blot any red tears away (unless of course red tears is the look you are going for). At first your eyes may water quite a bit until you get used to it.

Please note that for health and safety reasons you should not use this blood whilst wearing contacts. This blood is described as syrup-like. It will feel heavy in your eye  but it is not uncomfortable for the wearer. For removal, the eyes naturally wash this product out, however, if you want to speed up the process you could use ordinary eye drops to clean your eye. We advise you to test this product before you apply your make-up. Put a drop in your eye, blink a few times and do not reapply for approximately 30 minutes. This will allow you to see if your eyes can handle the product.

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