Kryolan Collodion Scarring Material 30ml


Product Description

Collodion (30ml) is a classic product for the creation of simulated scars (also known as Scarring Material), which dries extremely fast.

Sprit Gum Remover is essential to remove Collodion.

The fleshier the area you apply this product to the better the results will be, for example the cheek will give a better result than the forehead.

Sketch a scar shape on your face using Supracolor cream or a dark pink lip pencil giving you a base for your planned scar.

Paint the product onto the Supracolor or lip pencil.

It will dry out quickly and as a result tenses up the skin, creating an indent which  gives the visual effect of a scar.

The more Collodion you apply the better the result will be. Apply the product in multiple layers, letting each layer dry for a minute in-between. You need to go over the scared area 5-10 times depending on how thick and severe you want the scar to be.

You can experiment by pulling the skin tight before applying & then letting the skinsnap back in place.

Remove the shine from the scar by applying Kryolan Translucent Powder. Now you can blend with make-up as you see fit, using concealer and pink make-up to make an old scar or blood tone make-up and a little pink to give a fresher look.

Collodion contains ether and acts to degrease the skin. After being used, the skin should be treated with cream/moisturiser that contains fat, and the skin should be  protected from being stressed.

You should not be applying this product often and not in the exact same area.

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