Kryolan UV-Day Glow Aquacolor Make-Up Body Paint - Red 8ml

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Product Description

Aquacolour UV-Dayglow Red Paint is an intensely vibrant face and body paint that is easily applied and long lasting! This colour already glows under normal light and becomes extremely luminous under UV light. It will be difficult not to see you!

The great thing about Kryolan UV Paint is that it's universally applicable! As well as painting your face and body, you can paint your clothes and shoes!

Application is easy; just use a slightly moistened sponge or brush and gently buff with a soft towel after the paint has dried. Aquacolour is extremely smudge proof  so you don't have to worry about losing the fine details! For removal: luke warm water and soap will take the paint off with no fuss or harsh scrubbing!

UV-Dayglow is great for UV parties, clubbing, concerts or student events! Stand out in the crowd, cover your body and clothes, draw fun patterns and pictures with your Ultra Violet Paint!

We recommend that you use Setting Spray to ensure endurance if the make-up will be subjected to extreme conditions. Setting Spray is available in store and online.

Please note: Aquacolour UV-Dayglow Paint is a product by Kroylan Professional Make-up. The expense of this paint is due to the extreme high quality of these products under black light. The endurance and luminosity of these products are worth it for you and your friends!

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