Race-Night Tickets - An Evening Fundraiser at the Horses - Club Fundraising Game (64 Pads)


Product Description

Night of the Races

Race Night tickets are to be played with randomly selected, pre-recorded races from TV, and the participants will hopefully not know, where or what race it is, nor, who the winners are. Race footage is best displayed on a large Television screen or projector and older the race footage the better!

Each Night of the Races box contains 64 pads, marked with a unique number code for the whole set.  The pads come in 4 colours, they are numbered race 1 to race 8 and each race is numbered 1 to 8.

This means that if there are 8 players, there will be just one winner.

If there are 16 players; there will be two number 1’s, two number 2’s and so on, meaning there will be two winners. With 32 players there will be 4 winners, and so forth.

If the number of players is not divisible by 8, then some pads will be used up quicker than others; the organizer will have to manage the sales of the other numbers in future races so that the pads will expire together.

Once the race is over, the prize can then be divided for the appropriate number of winners.

A rough guide for betting charges per race, would be as follows;

£5 per bet and 50% of total bets taken would be given out as winnings.



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