Kryolan Gelafix Skin 50g (Clear)


Product Description

Kryolan Gelafix Clear.

It doesn’t take much heat to melt Gelafix and you can heat the Gelafix in the bag it comes in then transfer. Once melted, we suggest you place the Gelafix in a small plastic  bowl floating in a pan of hot water. Before you apply you must  always test for excess residual heat as applying while too hot can cause burns  so try a small sample on the back of your hand for an acceptable temperature.

Using a cloth, wipe your face with Witch Hazel cleanser (it’s an astringent and  will remove any dirt or oil). Use pink or red lip-pencil to mark out the shape and size of your burn. Then, using a metal spatula glob the gelafix on your skin, just play with it and see what you can do by dragging, pulling and adding more layers. Pull it in different directions giving a random, more realistic, stringy melted skin effect and you can use your fingers to break it up little to give a popped blister effect. Use pink tones on the shallow holes and red randomly in the deepest holes and use blood tones and/or Kryolan Fresh Scratch-Dark fast drying blood. Black make-up can be used on and around the wound to give a charred skin effect .

Apply KY-jelly using a cotton bud to the deepest part of the wound to make it  look gooey and shiny.

Gelatin is sensitive to heat and perspiration so bring some Sprit Gum with you as it, like most prosthetics, will start to pop away from the skin over time.

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