Geisha Girl Costume


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Product Description

Geisha are traditional Japanese hostesses that entertain their company performing certain Japanese dances, traditional music and playing games. A girl is usually trained for one year before becoming a maiko (a geisha who is in training) or a full-geisha. The usual image of a geisha is elaborate hair, white make up and a beautiful kimono.

This Geisha costume is a comprising full length black under-dress with long sleeved three quarter length geisha tunic featuring deep square cut cuffs. The top has wide gold trim along the front opening from shoulder to hemline. This produces a very rich effect on the wrap over tunic. This Geisha costume is completed with a wide black belt trimmed with gold braid and wide gold bow (obi) worn to back of tunic.

This costume includes:

  • Dress
  • Belt
  • Bow

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