Kryolan Fresh Scratch Blood Dark 30ml (Deep Wound Effect)


Product Description

Fresh Scratch Dark is a fast drying blood that does not contain solvent. It creates a truly outstanding effect for deep wounds and the fact that it looks clotted makes it much more realistic. It can also be applied lightly using the stipple sponge for fresher appearing scrapes & scratches. When spread thinly Fresh Scratch Dark is two tone. Get a more lively flesh wound by mixing it into the light paste.

Application: Fresh Scratch Dark can be applied using a stipple sponge to create a light scrape or a spatula for deeper gashes then just allow the blood to dry. Providing the blood is not touched during the drying process it will keep its shiny, fresh and realistic look (touching the fresh scratch during the drying process will cause matte spots). Once the fresh scratch is dried it will not stain upon contact with fabric and is easily removed with a generous amount of soap and water, without staining your skin.

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