Firework (CAKE) Crackling Dragon


In-store Purchase Only

Product Description

This crackling dragon firework is a 14 shot mid bore, the 1st row is crackling mines, the 2nd row is crackling tails and the 3rd row is  dragon eggs.

This gives a spectactular display of colours and images and makes a great addition to any Halloween or New Year's Eve party.


Firework manufacturer is GALAXY.

Please note:

1/ You can not buy fireworks without a licence. Please download an application form along with guidance notes. And where it asks you to enter the Firework Retailer please enter ELLIOTTS LTD and our Retailer Registration Number is 91  Click Here to download the form. 

2/ We do not take orders in advance.

3/ Use all the spaces provided for firework details so you can cherry pick in store.

4/ A  £30 licence fee to be sent to the DOJ with a cheque/postal order, made payable to the "Department of Justice No1 Account" with your application.

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