Kryolan F/X (Special Effects) wax 12g


Product Description

This F/X wax contains silicone which allows a little more flexibility. It is a great  wax for altering the facial features, covering eyebrows and creating realistic  wounds.  

Wax is very sticky to work with and is best applied from the tub with a spatula. It should be shaped whilst on the skin, using the heat of your fingers and a spatula.(Before doing so ensure that the fingers and tools have been moistened with a water based lubricant but do not use Vaseline as this will denature the wax). Smooth the surface of the wax by blending the edges evenly. Add texture using a stipple sponge, use translucent powder before applying a thin coat of sealer and once the sealer is dried, make-up can then be applied. Spirit gum can be used for extra hold underneath and around the edges of the wax.

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