Kryolan Artex plastic gel 80ml - 3D Silicon skin effects


Product Description

Kryolan Artex is a two part Silicon mix (Component A & B 40ml each)

Unlike other Silicon products, Artex remains flexible and moves with the skin while other products will pop away when you move. Artex has a natural translucency and the same rigidity as skin so it looks and moves as one with the body part you apply it to (if you put it on your forehead it flexes and moves with your expression).
It is the ideal product for creating 3D skin effects such as scars, fresh wounds and burns, it is also great for covering existing skin blemishes.

Before opening mark the lids A & B using a sharpie as mixing up the lids is enough to start the curing process.

To apply: use Witch Hazel cleanser on a cloth to degrease and clean the skin you are going to be working on (it’s an astringent and will remove any dirt or oil) then wipe dry with a tissue.

Using separate spatulas (to avoid cross contamination) take equal amounts of part A and part B and mix on a make-up blending plate.

Apply to clean skin and immediately create the desired effect as the product begins to set after 5-6 minutes and is fully set in about 10minutes (once it has set no further changes are possible).  

As it dries, dust with Kryolan translucent powder (this will take away any shine by mattifing the skin) and allow texture to be added quickly using a stipple sponge (this will take the flat, unnatural look away), then apply sealer to your prosthetic and surrounding skin. Once dry the sealer leaves a see-through membrane providing a non-absorbent and even textured layer on which to apply make-up.  Shade with some flesh tones, Artex can be painted with Kryolan Supracolor, Alcohol colours and Aqua colours. Apply translucent powder and finally add Kryolan Fresh Scratch Dark Gel Blood.

Creating a realistic wound couldn’t be easier!

At the end of the night simply pull it off.

To prevent drying out be sure to carefully close the container after every use. Artex is odourless.
Store Artex in a cool and dry place. 

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