Kryolan Supracolor Grease Cream Make-Up

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Supracolour is a grease based cream formula that has a dense pigment for  creating a realistic look. This product is widely used in fashion and television due to its excellent duration and stunning dramatic effects. These product is easy to apply and blend, and for removal we recommend Kryolan make-up remover or hyrdo removing oil.

Supracolour also comes in compact packaging with 6 different colours perfect for creating black eye, burn, injury and bruising effects depending on the palette you choose.

As this product is grease based, it is used on the theatre stage and in television shows where you are likely to be warm especially under lights. It is also good to use if you are going to be doing a lot of action as sweat does not smear this product, you will need to apply it to your skin and then use setting powder to take the sheen of the makeup and partially set, to complete, use a setting spray to seal it.

We have a great selection of grease based products and a number of grease pallets which are particularly good for budding Makeup artists and Makeup Students in college. These pallets offer a great way to have a selection of colours at a much better price than with individual colours. Which you will want to invest in later, when your Makeup diary starts filling up and you are on the way to accomplish the dream of becoming a Professional Makeup Artist!

Remember we do carry a massive selection of Kryolan all year round and at really competitive prices as well.

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