Kryolan Supracolor Cream Make-Up Circle - FX

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Product Description

Supracolor Cream Make-up FX is in a handy round packaging with 6 colours.

Supracolor is a cream, grease-based formula that’s dense in pigment, available in bright colours and skin tones; it is widely used in theatre, fashion, film and TV with stunningly dramatic effects. It works perfectly with the intensity of theatrical lights but can be blended for editorial and glamour shoots. It is easily applied and, with its thick consistency, it gives a heavy coating of colour.

As with any makeup, it is important to use powder after every new colour layer, dusting the excess off with a brush to not just take the shine away but to set the make-up so colours don’t blend too much into each other.

This make-up can be easily removed with Kryolan Make-up Remover or Hydro Removing Oil.

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