Kryolan Hydro Mastix Spirit Gum 50ml


Product Description

Kryolan Hydro Spirit Gum, 50ml bottle (with a brush for application). This has no solvent and is a water based product, therefore it dries slowly. Hot air can be used to speed up the drying process.

Hydro Spirit Gum holds small objects on the skin fora short period of time (no perspiration). Just let the gum dry a little until tacky, then apply face decor like foil stars and hearts. Its main use is to flatten your eyebrow before applying wax to conceal your eyebrows.

To apply Hydro Spirit Gum: take a spatula and, using pressure, flatten your brows in the direction the hair falls, do this until it becomes tacky or dry and then apply wax, sealer and finally foundation. (Try to keep the skin free from Hydro Mastix as it can make your skin look wrinkled when it dries)

Can be removed with soap and water.
Not for holding beards or moustaches.

This product contains 50mls of Hydro Spirit Gum.

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