Face Painting Brushs & sponges Accessory Kit


Product Description

5x flat face painting brushes. Brush width ranges between 7mm – 1cm. Length of brushes range between 17cm -18cm.

2 x 2 firm circle sponges. Each with 5.5cm diameter.

1x Beauty blender. Length x 6cm. Width x 3.5cm.

1x stipple sponge. Length x 4cm. Width x 3cm. Height x 2cm.

1x Spatula. 7cm long.

This face painting accessory kit is a great addition to any makeup artists box! This kit includes 5 flat brushes ranging in size. These brushes are great for painting small details. The 2 firm circle sponges are great for applying face paint to larger areas. The pointed beauty blender is great for applying a more even coverage of make-up to the skin. This sponge can be used with liquid make-up, primers and powder. This sponge has been designed so that it does not absorb your makeup, making it very economical to use.  The stipple sponge is perfect for creating beards, simply dab the brush into the paint and dab on the skin to create an unshaven appearance.  The wax spatula is great for applying and manipulating wax, putty and blood.

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