Dinosaur Big-Head Costume


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Product Description

Dress up as a pre-historic dinosaur in this excellent two-tone velvet costume. This costume comes in two pieces: a all-in-one suit and a headpiece. The suit is two tone velvet to create a scale effect. The dinosaur hands attach to your hands with elastic allowing the hands to be free to do other things and the feet cover your shoes. At the back is a long tail and purple spikes. The head piece is soft and comfortable. It closes with velcro at the back. The headpiece opens at the dinosaurs mouth for your face.

This costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit with attached hands, feet and tail
  • Dinosaur head

The scales are made by crushing a velvet fabric. Friction and pressures points under the arms and crotch will undo the scales. But the majority of the costume will hold the look.

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