Venom Deluxe Costume - Marvel


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Product Description

Who doesn’t love a bit of Tom Hardy, he is currently Hollywood’s most sought after actor and I mean can you blame them just look at him! Well now here is your chance to look just like Tom Hardy in one of his films, low & behold you will look like him when he is hosting a alien symbiote but none the less it is essentially still Tom Hardy after all... We can’t however promise that you will gain the same super strength that Tom Hardy gained and hopefully you won’t get the anger issues either that come along with this lovely life altering alien called Venom!

The costume contains a muscle padded jumpsuit with the venom symbol printed on the chest, completing the costume is Venom’s mask that is so realistic it’s scary! It shows the symbiote’s face with all the teeth on show as well as its tongue hanging out. You are guaranteed to get some reactions wearing this costume, people might even think you’re Venom reincarnated the outfit is that realistic!

Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuit
  • Mask

This is a licensed product; you will find all licensed items will be more costly. This means it is not just the cost of manufacture that determines the price, but manufacturing combined with license fee costs.

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