Awesome Haunted Doorbell - Kids will enjoy this!


Product Description

Make your home a Halloween spectacle this year with this Haunted Manor Doorbell. Filled with both classic and unique sound that will loosen bladders and inspire screams of terror! The doorbell works sort of like an apartment doorbell, with a selection of 6 buttons to push for different noises:

  • Mr. Wayne Werewolf
  • Ms. Kitty Clawbottom
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein
  • Count Vladimir
  • Ms. Brenda Banshee
  • Helga Broomfly

Some of the sounds are classics like Frankenstein or Werewolf, and then some are surprising like Helga or Brenda.
All in all, this item is a barrel of laughs and spooks that is sure to bring a lot of Halloween fun your way.

For indoor or covered entry use only.

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