Monk (Boys) Monster-Family (Horrible Histories)

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Around the year 1000 AD monastic orders spread all over Europe: despite living in their monasteries, monks had a great influence on the culture of their times: they used to copy manuscripts and held public schools for the village’s kids; they invented many varieties of beers and liquors and improved medicine.

Often second sons of healthy people were sent to live in the monasteries in order not to divide the family’s fortune. The Benedictines’ motto was “ora et labora” which means “work and pray”: everything they had in fact came from the work of their hand.

If you want to join your monk brothers for one day and experience the cloister atmosphere, just wear this wonderful Monk Costume!

The costume is a brown nylon tunic whit the typical monk’s hood. The tunic has an elastic on the back so that will stretch to fit your belt line: you can fasten the costume on the front with two attached ribbons. We recommend you to wear and undershirt as the costume textile is very thin. Pair it with one of our crosses to complete the look.

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Costume includes:


Elliotts Fancy Dress