Instant Biker Dude 3D T-shirt

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Product Description

Need to look like you are about to go barrelling down Route 66 on the back of a hulking Harley? Or maybe you just want to look a bit more intimidating, because of, ummm, reasons… Then this is the best possible item for you! Simply slip on this printed 3D Tee shirt and BOOM Instant Biker. Made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex this shirt is so convincing you could probably ride with the Hells Angels and they wouldn’t be any the wiser. Featuring a printed leather waistcoat (or Cut) over the top of a white graphic tee, various skull and lady designs along with prominent Route 66 signs, this tee really does have everything you need to be a biker (Attitude sold separately).  


  • Tee-shirt only
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